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Should Pillows and Draperies Match?

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Draperies and pillows give life to a room and can define the home's mood and atmosphere. Like blinds, shades, pillows, and bedding, they are powerful design tools that do essential things in the room design. They move color around or through space, and they can add pattern, texture, or shape. A common trend is to match pillows and draperies, but is this necessary?

You'll be happy to know pillows and draperies do not always have to match, but it's always a good idea to coordinate them with either material or color. Choosing a contrasting color can add drama to a space while using the same fabric color or fabric unifies the look.

The first step in creating the perfect drapery and pillow combination is identifying the color scheme that you are trying to pull into the space from other areas in the room. The end goal is to ensure all these elements coordinate well together and not appear chaotic.

If you are trying to give a room a unified look, it's essential to plan out how you choose your pillows and draperies. This article will provide a general idea of what to expect in the design planning phase.

Three Strategies for Matching Draperies and Pillows

Match Draperies and Pillows

The most straightforward way to coordinate pillows and draperies is to use the same fabric. Using the same material will help unify the color scheme. This approach works particularly well with neutral colors. With this strategy, the goal is to keep the pillows and draperies as close in color and fabric as possible. Another approach is to choose a bold color fabric opposite of the room's overall color scheme. Choosing a bold color for the draperies and pillows can give a drab room the pop of color needed to unify and liven up a room.

Coordinate Pillows and Draperies

If the drapery fabric is a solid color, another option is to use a similar but not identical pillow fabric in a darker or lighter shade than the draperies. Choose two or three coordinating colors for the pillows that coordinate your draperies and other areas of the room. Coordinating pillows and curtains can also be accomplished using complementary colors rather than shades

of color. A complementary color combination will provide high contrast and high impact combinations that create visual impact.

Coordinate Draperies with Accent Fabrics

Draperies and pillows can coordinate upholstery fabrics found in the room. Visually interesting upholstery fabric used on accent furniture can pull a color palette together when coordinated with pillows and or drapery fabric. Using pillow fabric that complements the upholstery fabric instead of matching it will create an even more complex web of design color connections.

Special Note: If mixing and matching prints, keep the pattern's scale in mind. It's usually best to select only one large primary print and then select small-scale coordinating prints or solids so they do not compete with this larger primary pattern.

Whether you decide to match, coordinate, or use accent fabrics depends on the design style you want to achieve. The good news is once you identify the color scheme of the room, the sky is the limit at mixing and matching pillows and draperies to create your dream space. T. Lynn’s is here to help. Call 715-441-7997 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, or go to and contact us. We’ll work with you and guide you through the process of creating a beautiful drapery and pillow combinations.

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