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Make an Impression with Graphic Roller Shades

Graphic roller shade on an art studio window.

Custom graphic shades are a great way to make a statement about a business and deliver a message or impression to clients. Storefront and interior windows in a business are blank canvases. Why not make the most of these empty spaces by featuring custom graphics roller shades that enhance a business’s image? Let’s look at some benefits of graphic roller shades.

Make a Brand Statement

The best window treatment for making this brand statement is graphic roller shades. These high-quality shades can be color matched to ensure logos and graphics meet brand standards providing an eye-catching uniform look for a business trying to make an impression. You can print images of products, photos, logos, or messaging directly onto the window shade to help a business stand out from the competition and get noticed.

Graphic roller shade on a restaurant window.

Add Comfort

Besides making an impression on clients, graphic roller shades can also control the harsh glaring light throughout the day, making the environment more inviting and comfortable when shopping, dining out, or working at a business.

The fabric roller shade choices range from 5% screen, which allows excellent view-through to the outdoors during the day, to light-filtering, which blocks the harsh light while still allowing some natural light into the room, and black-out fabrics for complete privacy.

Improve Energy Efficiency & UV Protection

Graphic shades reduce the effects of damaging UV rays and protect valuables such as rugs, artwork, and furniture from fading and deteriorating over time. They also allow for regulating the amount of natural light that flows into a space by reflecting, absorbing, or blocking sunlight which in turn can add to energy efficiency by as much as 30%.

Graphic roller shade on a pet store window.

Ease of Care and Use

Screen shades are made of durable materials, low maintenance, and easy to clean, which means less work for a business owner. They are customizable to fit the window and available in large sizes often found in commercial buildings.

For the ultimate ease of operation, roller shades are available motorized that can be operated by a remote, SMART device, or SMART system, which allows for complete control of the shades anytime or anywhere with just a push of a button. By setting scenes and timers on your device, the shades operate right when you want them to. The motors can be rechargeable or hardwired to a power source.

Summary of Benefits

Making a statement and standing out from the competition isn’t an easy thing to do these days with all the modern-day distractions. Still, graphic roller shades are an eye-catching way to make a memorable impression about your business while adding comfort, energy efficiency, and asset protection that is easy to use and care for.

If you’re looking for graphic roller shades, T. Lynn’s can assist with finding the ideal solution for your business or home. We offer a comprehensive collection of blinds, shades, draperies, pergolas, and awnings. Call 715-441-7997 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, or go to and contact us.

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