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The Advantages of Motorized Awnings

Believe it or not, Spring is coming after our very snowy winter, and many of us already dream of those long summer days. So maybe it’s time to start planning your outdoor oasis with automated awnings for ample summer shade.

Awnings can attach to a structure or be free-standing. An awning’s primary function is to create shade and protection from damaging UV rays, improving our outdoor living spaces by making them more comfortable and inviting to be in no matter the time of day.

Some awnings, such as Pergolas, provide rain and shade protection. Whatever type of natural element protection an awning offers, one thing is for sure; automated awnings create unique spaces in a home or business that allow us to spend more time in nature or aid in shading us indoors to make a home comfy while adding energy efficiency to a home or business.

Motorizing or automating the awning increases its use and the overall level of satisfaction because of the ease of operation. Control options on the following awnings include a manual crank, remote control, smart device, or wind and sun sensor, which retracts or extends the awning automatically based on the elements. Here are a few of the most popular types of automated awnings.

Motorized lateral arm retractable awning over a deck.

Retractable Lateral Arm Patio/Deck Awnings

Lateral arm retractable awnings are the ideal shading solution for decks and patios because one awning can span a large area. These awnings can mount on a wall, soffit, or roof, completely self-storing without needing seasonal removal and storage. Besides the UV protection these awnings provide, they add a decorative touch to any patio or deck through the hundreds of fun, vibrant color fabrics to make a more inviting outdoor space.

Motorized retractable window awnings on a house.

Retractable Window Awnings

These awnings have a straight arm that allows the awning to be fully rolled up or lowered to a desired position with a maximum lowering of 160° for added privacy or sun control. Besides their functionality in providing shade and energy efficiency, these awnings can add character and beauty to the home’s exterior.

Motorized adjustable louvered pergola awning on a patio.

Pergola® Awnings

Pergolas are a perfect addition to any outdoor space, with a slim and airy feel providing an ideal outdoor entertaining area. These architectural structures can be standalone or attached to a home or business with customized options such as retractable fabric or louvered roofs, motorized side solar screen shades, lighting, and heaters to warm things up on a chilly evening.

Sunroom/conservatory awning on the roof of a sunroom.

Sunroom/Conservatory Awnings

Sunroom/Conservatory Awnings provide the barrier needed to lower the room’s temperature by blocking the sun before it enters the room. Besides cooling, these awnings protect valuables from harsh UV rays and overexposure to the sun over time.

Summary of Awning Benefits

There are many reasons why awnings are worth the investment. Discover some of the potential gains over years of use.

Shade on Demand - Awnings provide immediate shade regardless of landscaping. Cooler air and habitable spaces top the list of advantages.

Integrates Indoor & Outdoor Spaces - Patio awnings and Pergolas expand livable, usable space that may add value to your home.

Energy Efficiency - Did you know that approximately 30% of your home’s energy goes out the window? Instead, spend your energy budget upfront on appropriate window protection. The larger your window, the more significant your energy savings.

Curb Appeal - Like other design elements, awnings are made to be beautiful. Make your home even more alluring with suitable outdoor awnings. Consider factors like architectural style, durability, climate, and color for a bespoke solution.

Asset Protection - Sun protection applies both indoors and out. Areas with direct sun or extensive outdoor views are especially prone to damage. Protect your home’s furniture, flooring, linens, and more with automated awnings or professional window treatments.

Automated Advantage - Technology has entered every part of our lives, including household amenities. Motorized awnings are easy to use. Consider upgrading for hard-to-reach places and indoor operability.

Lighting Control - Awnings minimize or maximize natural light for greater control. Keep yours open on bright, sunny days or closed on cloudy afternoons. Remember to choose retractable models for greater daylighting options.

Final Thoughts

Awnings offer many benefits, from outdoor comfort to energy savings. Find the perfect awning for your home windows or outdoor spaces. Consider motorized models for an extra degree of convenience.

If you’re looking for customized window treatments or awnings, T. Lynn’s can assist with finding the ideal solution for your home that is on-trend and within budget. We offer a comprehensive collection of window treatments and Sunair® Awnings. Call 715-441-7997 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, or go to and contact us.

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