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Selecting the Ideal Window Treatments for a Home Theater

Updated: Oct 14, 2022

If you are an avid movie buff, watching something on the big screen comes with the complete build-up of your surroundings. You are sitting in the most comfortable chairs, the walls have light-absorbing fabric, the surround sound enhances the sound effects, and the only thing that exists is you and the screen.

One of the main prerequisites for a perfect home theater is creating a dark interior atmosphere. If the theater room has windows, this can be problematic as windows are the light source for any room. Unless you plan to replace the window with a wall, selecting the ideal window treatments to block light will create the perfect setting for movie time without any distractions to take away from the movie-watching experience. Choosing the ideal window treatments takes some careful thought and deliberation. Let’s look at the best window treatment options for a home theater.

Draperies and Curtains

Besides adding beauty to a room, draperies add function to the room. They are an excellent choice for any home theater for blocking light flowing into the room. Choosing the suitable fabric for home theater draperies matters. Heavy-weight fabric made of cotton, linen, wool, velvet, and silk with a blackout lining is the best choice for home theaters. Mounting the draperies outside the window frame allows for complete privacy with maximum light blockage. Besides blocking the light, draperies will also improve the quality of sound within a room by decreasing reverberation and echo of the sound generated. This is why you see sound-absorbing fabrics used across the country in homes, theaters, recording studios, and restaurants.

Draperies come in thousands of fabric choices, making it easy to customize your home theater with the perfect fabric pattern design according to the style of the room. From traditional to contemporary, draperies can complement any décor theme to help define the mood, atmosphere, and dimension. Keep in mind that draperies don’t have to stand alone. They are often layered with a sheer drapery, blind, shade, valance, or cornice to add dimension and functionality.

Blackout Shades

Another excellent choice for home theater window treatments is blackout shades. These shades are sure to block out light distractions. Mounting the shades outside the window frame will eliminate daytime light gaps on the side and sill of the window. If mounting it inside the window frame, add side and sill light blocking strips to eliminate light seepage or layer the treatment with drapery for maximum light control and privacy. Cellular shades, one of the most popular shade options, offers a duo shade option by combining two cellular shade fabrics, such as a sheer and a blackout fabric, for the ultimate versatility. Let the light filter in when you want it to with a sheer fabric on the top, and block out the light at movie time with a blackout fabric.

With so many choices in draperies and shades, don’t let light distractions ruin a unique at-home cinematic experience. All these shades and draperies come in various fabrics and control options, from corded to automated, so you can control the shades exactly how you want to.

If you’re looking for home theater window treatments, T. Lynn’s can assist with finding the perfect solution for your home that is on-trend and within budget. We offer a comprehensive collection of blinds, shades, and draperies. Call 715-441-7997 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, or go to and contact us.

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