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A New Take on Biophilic Design

Living room with Biophilic Design with woven wood shades


Biophilic design refers to the use of nature in our built environment. To that end, adding greenery indoors is one way of embracing the concept. Choose small, decorative plants, stunning centerpieces, or hanging baskets for a sentient touch.

Plant-inspired prints and patterns are yet another option. Explore colorful motifs, subtle wallpaper design, or natural accents to infuse your space with serenity.


An overabundance of fast furniture and ubiquitous design has finally worn thin. By contrast, consumers prefer more thoughtful, unique pieces with an emphasis on craftsmanship. Whether it be handmade furniture or organic materials, artistry and quality reign supreme.

If you’re thinking of getting professional window treatments, custom draperies, curtains, or shutters might do the trick. Some woven wood shades are made by hand for a variable, organic feel. Other details, such as natural fabrics or biophilic motifs, could invigorate your space.


Are you partial to antiquing and eclectic finds? If so, now’s your chance. Today’s version of biophilia favors individualized styles such as vintage décor or unusual conversation pieces. Lean into your personal style by thinking outside the box.

Interior design fads come and go, while window treatments are built to last. Rather than redoing investment pieces, select neutral shades and sensible materials for timeless design. Opt for smaller elements like lamps, linens, or tableware for biophilic flair.


Gone are the days of strict minimalism and clinical interiors. Sleek, smooth whites are being replaced with earthy tones of pink, brown, and ecru. If new colors aren’t your style, consider textured pillows, fabrics, or design objects for a truly natural vibe. Warmth is synonymous with a homey interior and a lived-in aesthetic. Veer away from clean lines and bare spaces with accent furniture, decorative baskets, or tactile décor. As always, be conscious of clutter before finalizing your look.


Open floorplans are here to stay though smaller spaces are making waves. The division between rooms encourages specialized use for home offices, yoga studios, mud rooms, and more. Physical separation creates nooks and crannies for a calming, cozy ambiance.

Inviting the outdoors in is yet another strategy. Large windows and breathtaking scenery let you commune with nature at home. Window treatments like vertical blinds, panel systems, and sheer shades provide a view, cover, or connection to the world beyond your window.


Biophilic interiors emphasize all things earthy, including natural lighting. A monochromatic design showcases natural nuance, especially when it comes to lighting. If one shade is too limited, choose a color family or a display wall for a similar effect.

Monochrome implies one color though patterns work just as well. Choose a single fabric for your wall, window treatments, and furniture while staying on trend. Remember to go easy on dark colors or busy prints for longevity.


Just like fashion, it’s easy to get carried away with design. Applying everything in moderation is your best defense. Start by introducing a single plant or pattern to see how you like it. Let biophilic design infiltrate your home at a slow but steady pace.

Natural materials like wood or stone are beautiful in small doses. For example, a wood accent wall can enhance the biophilic design, as can use shades of green, brown, or slate gray. When used in moderation, these elements will enhance the nature-inspired room design.

Final Thoughts

One thing’s for sure: nature-inspired design is here to stay. Whether you’re fond of floral prints, monochromatic walls, or superior craftsmanship, the creative options are endless.

If you’re looking for customized window treatments, T. Lynn’s can assist with finding the ideal solution for your home that is on-trend and within budget. We offer a comprehensive collection of blinds, shades, and draperies. Call 715-441-7997 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, or go to and contact us.

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