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5 Easy Strategies to Design the Room of Your Dreams

Updated: Aug 9, 2022

Don't be afraid to design the room of your dreams. Many of the best interior designers are self-taught. Find your inspiration room by researching images online, books, or magazines, and then do it. Take your time. All excellent interior designs take time and a little editing to complete the perfect look. Below are a few key ideas you should consider when designing your ideal space.

Create a Focal Point

The focal point is a fundamental part of interior design and the center of the room design. It is the first place the eye should land when entering a room. Ideally, a home should have a predetermined focal point: a fireplace, windows with a stunning view, built-in shelving, vaulted ceilings with a bold light fixture, or an attractive angled accent wall. If there is no predetermined focal point in the home, make one with an accent wall, statement furniture, and artwork.

Think Balance & Flow

The most crucial step in design is a great floor plan. The plan determines the proper scale of the pieces to fill the space so that the room is not too sparse or overcrowded. In other words, the floor plan allows for a balance of positive (décor items) and negative (open) space in a room. Sometimes, it is hard to visualize the scale of a décor piece, so when in doubt, tape it out using some blue painter's tape on the floor or wall to visually see the size and scale. Measuring the interior space and noting all the details on graph paper or a simple online design program is necessary to ensure the pieces going into the room fit properly.

Think Asymmetrical

Asymmetrical or informal design is balanced by repeating similar forms, lines, and colors with no mirroring or exact duplication like in symmetrical or formal design. A living room using asymmetrical style can be as simple as featuring a sofa with an end table on one end and a floor lamp on the other. Asymmetrical design adds visual interest because of the lack of repetition or symmetry and offers a more casual living space. It's also a great design tool for calling attention to a feature within design.

Establish a Color Scheme

For a head-to-toe design makeover, create a color palette. Come up with a basic color scheme for the whole house, and then I take it from room to room. The color palette will play itself out in different ways in every room.

Edit, Edit, Edit

The least expensive action in the design of a room is to edit, edit, edit. Editing a room is about curating what fits and removing what doesn't. Editing helps us focus on the essential items in the room by removing the unimportant items for more usable space.

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