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Choosing Child Safe Window Treatments

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

At T. Lynn’s ,choosing child-safe window treatments for a home with small children is a top priority. The primary risk to children when it comes to blinds and shades is corded, or cord loop products that do not have a cord tensioning device attached correctly or missing cord cleats for properly securing dangling cords. Luckily, many different child-safe window treatment options exist without the need for a tensioning device or cord cleats that can keep children safe without sacrificing aesthetics, durability, maintenance, or functionality. These options can minimize the risk of cord accidents and provide peace of mind so clients can feel confident in their window treatment selection. Let’s explore three child-safe control options.

Retractable Cord Control

A straightforward solution for child-safe shades is a retractable cord. Some window shade treatment products offer a retractable cord option. Depending on your window treatment choice, a single cord pull raises, lowers, and tilts the vanes. After shade operation, the cord length retracts back into the shade's headrail. There are no dangling cords to detract from the appearance of the window treatment, and the best part is the cord is out of the reach of small children for their safety.

Cordless Control

For safety, cordless blinds and shades are a practical solution. Unlike corded window treatments, cordless blinds and shades use an advanced lifting mechanism hidden inside the headrail that allows the blind or shade to be lifted manually without a cord or cord loop. To operate the window treatment, you raise or lower the shade or blind to the desired position using the handle on the bottom rail. Cordless blinds and shades have a clean look with no dangling cord or cord loop hanging from the headrail. It is important to note that cordless horizontal blinds also have a tilting mechanism. When ordering, there may be an option of a wand or cord tilt, so selecting a wand tilt for child-safe blinds is the best choice. A wand control option is also available in the case of vertical blinds, panel track, and draperies, so selecting wand control will eliminate dangling cords from the window treatments.

Automated Control

Child safety is at your fingertips with automated blinds and shades. This control system can operate any number of window coverings on a remote with simple push-button control or enable simple, intuitive control of your window coverings from any smart device using our app. Or, use the power of your voice to control automated shades using voice-enabled devices. Automation systems can be integrated into many popular Smart Home systems. No matter which approach, motorized window treatments eliminate dangling cords providing a safer environment for children.

Window treatment child and pet safety controls with retractable cord, cordless, tilt wand, and automation.

Blinds and shades have come a long way over the years regarding child-safe control options. With this advancement in technology, one doesn’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or functionality to have peace of mind. If you are looking to upgrade to child-safe window treatments, T. Lynn’s has a vast assortment of products and control options. Call 715-441-7997 today to schedule a FREE, in-home consultation, or go to and contact us.

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